Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bright Blues

Sometimes you just feel so blue, but I didn't I was just feeling to try blue. Here is my take on a blue day using Jordana "Bright Blue" 

 I really like the jelly look it has (2 coats) in light

I decided it needed a little glitter so I did 1 coat of Kleancolor "Aurora" and I am so loving it.


Here it is in the light (still can't capture the glitter)

I hope you liked the colour.
Until next time polish some nails and enjoy.



Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hi lovelies

I know I've been MIA for a few days that's because of Carnival in Trinidad. Since this is a time you can get away with wearing just about anything i did 3 manis. I tried my best to get pics since the hubby thought it would be a good time to hit the beach and I didn't really get to do what i really wanted. But nevertheless enjoy.

This was the first. It's a no name Gold Franken i made using eye shadow. Then I put silver stars across and tried to do a flower out of rhinestones 

I spent Sunday at my parents house and raided my sisters collection with consist mainly of pinks and purples and a few odd colours. So I decided to try a water marble mani with green and pink. I can't remember the names though.
As you can maybe tell I really like how my pinky turned out

And last but not least I got Color Club "Sexy Symbol" so I used that as the base and did slanted tips with Santee "Black" and placed rhinestones to create a little depth. 

Up close and personal with my green fimo butterfly

I did a couple of swatches of some new colours so i'll show you those next time.

Until next time stay safe and remember to paint a nail and feel extra pretty.



Friday, 17 February 2012

Last of Valentine's

It's about half eight right now and I've decided to visit you guys. I did about 3 valentine mani's before i decided on the one i would wear on that day so here is another mani for you. After this I'll just do some pics of what I usually wear even though my friend and I are doing a 52 week challenge.

I couldn't decide what to do and after polishing my nails in this Santee Red i decided it was a little to bright for me so i did a little nail art with OX White nail art. 

I was testing my index finger to see if i should put some glitter but i was not to pleased as to how it turned out

                                                      Here's  a close up of my ring finger. 

I forgot to take a pic of how they look in the bottles. I don't own much Santee's but i love how rich their colours are.

Just as a bonus i took some pics of my polishes for you to see......<3

Here are my Kleancolors

 A couple miscellaneous ones (Jordana, Cara Mia, Santee, Arista, Playgirl)

And all of my nail art
  This is my stash which is growing weekly

So until next time 



Thursday, 16 February 2012

After Valentine

Happy belated valentine (better late than never). How was your valentine? Hope you guys had a wonderful day. I on d other hand was down with the flu.

Anyway back to polishes, I have alot of Kleancolor polishes since i recently discovered a store that sells at a reasonable price and I like most of there colours. Here is one of my all time favourite and when i say favourite i mean that loosely (I like all dark colours).

This is BLACK HOLE but this pic does not do it justice

This is only one coat and i looked so yummy i couldn't believe it, if you even look closely you can see gold accents

I wore this for a couple of days and then decided to take it off and do a valentine mani. Pics coming soon.

Bye my lovelies

Monday, 13 February 2012

Home sick

Hi guys

I've now started to blog and imagine i get sick. I hate this :(. I did the cutest little valentine mani since i was all alone and couldn't sleep. I didn't get a pic of the colours i used but i'll tell you the names. SANTEE Red, Arista White and OX sliver glitter. I hope you like and once i get better i'll try to do some more.

Oh yeah for the cute hearts I used the M50 stamp. 


Until next time me lovelies...........

Friday, 10 February 2012


Hi, good day, how is everyone on this fine day.
I'm a new blogger but i hope you like what you see and follow me. I love doing nails and nail art and have just over 50 different polishes (My collection grows every month). I'll try to do my best with the posting when I get time, but don't be alarmed if you don't hear from me for a while, it's maybe just because i'm really busy.

So welcome to each and everyone of you bloggers and followers. I hope to someday become as good as you with the nail art and different techniques.

So until my next post.