Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ok so you know what was in the first GGB so let’s see what we got in the second. I was so excited to get this that as soon as the Postman dropped it off at work I opened it to see what was inside. Again it was really beautifully packaged in a cute little pouch in chocolate brown with cream hearts.
This contained 2 pigments from HR (truth and united), really beautiful. It also had a pot of purple body glitter, a Blender Sponge (so wanted one of this), a sample of OCC Lip Tar n Narcissus, and an ELF Golden Bronzer. I can’t wait for May’s GGB. So let’s just hope I can send in the payment in time.

This is the little pouch it came in (so cute)

All the stuff that was inside
1. ELF Golden Bronzer
2. A sample of OCC Lip Tar n Narcissus
3.  A Blender Sponge
4.  2 pigments from HR (truth and united)
5.  A pot of purple body glitter

 A closer look at the bronzer

Swatches of the bronzer 

 Swatches of the pigments

 Stay tuned for the May 1st Edition.

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