Friday, 22 June 2012

Pink Romance

Hiddy Ho guys

I saw this polish and by the look in the bottle I knew I had to have it. The bottle itself shows a dusty Pink not  to bright and not to dull but when place on my nails it just popped and began to show it's true colours. 
This is Jordana's Pink Romance and doesn't it look oh so romantic. I'm still playing around with  my camera trying to find the best setting for it but these pics were taken with my phone and at night and somehow even with flash the background shows up dark.

This is what it looks like in the bottle compared to may nails which it two coats. I could have gotten away with just one but I opted for two and dry time was amazing i went to sleep and got up and there were no marks on the polish. *happy dance, happy dance*.

Do you own this polish? What are your views on it because I love it and I not really a fan of pink.

Ok see you soon

Take care.