Saturday, 21 July 2012

Week 9 - Rainbow

Hey people

What crackalakin. LOL.. Really cheesy I know but I watched Madagascar and now I can't get it out my head.

I finally bought dotting tools but I so wished I had them when I did this mani. It was really time consuming but worth every minute of it. This was not the original mani I did for the challenge but I already posted that one here so I decided to show your the other one I did.

I used Arista white and then I used a toothpick and all 6 colours and had the time of my life dotting each one.  I can't remember all the colours that I used for this look but most of them were from my nail art collection with strippers. 

This is a close up and as you can see my top coat smudged it a bit.

I thought I had more pics than this but it turns out this was all I had since I may have deleted them off my phone by accident.

Well I hoped you enjoyed your time with my rainbow and feel free to leave a comment, recommend the blog to a friend, subscribe if you like.

Take care everyone



Friday, 20 July 2012

Week 8 - Tribal

Hi Lovelies

Somehow whenever I schedule post they don't post (smh) I really don't know why. I scheduled a couple of post and none of them were posted when I checked so now  have to Post them One by One for the New few days. Sorry for ranting but this is driving me nuts.

Anyway back to what you came here for. Week 8 was tribal but I had no clue what to do so I googled and found that tribal doesn't have to be anything in particular since it's usually just different patterns. So I decided to go a little bright and choose some bold colours.

From l-r - Color Club Feeling Groovy, Jordana Bright Blue, Color Club Psychedelic Scene, Kleancolor Mango (there was another colour but I forgot to put it in with the pics and I can't remember the name)  

I used a black stripper to make the patterns.


Hope you liked

Bye Stacy

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Week 7 - Carnival in Trinidad

Good morning, evening, night where ever you all are

Sorry for being absent for the past few weeks it has really been hectic.

I started showing you all some of my work for my challenge so we have reached week 6 but you have already seen Week 6 here. So instead I'll be showing you Week 7 Carnival. Now Carnival in T&T is very colourful there's masqueraders, blue devils, j'ouvert, costumes, carnival bands. Here's a highlight of Trinidad Carnival.

Anyway trying not to stray from the topic Meera and I decided that we shouldn't be limited to just one mani on this oh so colourful holiday so here is my contribution to this festival.

Ok this one is a gold franken made with eye shadow and then i sticked on some stars and I did a rhinestone flower on my accent nail.
Please excuse the pics, these are from my phone

Ok next up I visited my parents and my sis had a few polishes so i decided to do a water marble to demonstrate to her how it's done. Unfortunately there was too much wind blowing so it didn't come out as it should. Also I have no clue as to what colours I used.

Last but not least This is Color Club Sex Symbol with a black slanted tip and rhinestones and on the accent nail a fimo butterfly.

Well hope you enjoyed my colourful concoctions

See you soon.

Bye lovelies


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nail Challenge Week Five - Orange

Hi Lovelies

I missed yesterday even though I was trying to see how long I could go posting everyday. I guess I didn't make it very far. 
Anywho  week five was Orange and we all know how bright some Oranges can be. This one however was Kleancolor Mango and to tone it down I did a slanted french with their Black Crack and Stamped using Santee Black. Then I couldn't leave well enough alone I had to put Kleancolor Orange Holo which was a horrible mistake since it hid the stamp I did. :(((

Hope you enjoy the pictures

Thumby up close and personal

Enjoy the rest of your day. 
For all Americans Happy early Independence Day



Sunday, 1 July 2012

Challenge Week 4 - Animal Print

Hi lovelies,

Week four Animal Print

I couldn't decide whether to do leopard spots or tiger stripes so I combined both and then chose a colour I don't too like. (Pink)

Here are the colours I used Kleancolor Pastel Pink, Jordana Hot Pink, OX Black and Sinful Colors Pearl Harbour.

Hope you guys liked this. I'm pressed for time so this is a really short post.

Enjoy your weekend guys