Saturday, 21 July 2012

Week 9 - Rainbow

Hey people

What crackalakin. LOL.. Really cheesy I know but I watched Madagascar and now I can't get it out my head.

I finally bought dotting tools but I so wished I had them when I did this mani. It was really time consuming but worth every minute of it. This was not the original mani I did for the challenge but I already posted that one here so I decided to show your the other one I did.

I used Arista white and then I used a toothpick and all 6 colours and had the time of my life dotting each one.  I can't remember all the colours that I used for this look but most of them were from my nail art collection with strippers. 

This is a close up and as you can see my top coat smudged it a bit.

I thought I had more pics than this but it turns out this was all I had since I may have deleted them off my phone by accident.

Well I hoped you enjoyed your time with my rainbow and feel free to leave a comment, recommend the blog to a friend, subscribe if you like.

Take care everyone



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