Thursday, 2 August 2012

Week 10 - Glitter Bombs

Ohhhhh Stupid Blogger. I had written this post since last week along with a few others and scheduled them but somehow this schedule thing can't figure out what day it is or time. UGH. So I'm just going to send it as is. 
This was week 10 Glitter nails for the base coat I used Wet and Wild Burgundy and Then layered Wet n Wild Kaliedescope and ColorClub Sex Symbol, this is what I came up with. Just to accentuate the ring finder I put a lilac fimo bow. 

Direct Sunlight 

No light 

I tried to blur the picture so you can see all the colours of kaliedescope. Aren't they pretty?

Anyway that's it for today..

Check you soon.


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