Monday, 10 September 2012

Halener's 2nd Anniversay Mystery Box OOOOOH, AAAAAH

It's a rainy Monday morning and I wish I had decided to stay home in bed instead of being at work. 
But since I braved the rain and made it and everyone else in my department is gone until lunch I might as well show you my other goodies.

Halener Rustique recently celebrated their 2 year Anniversary and to commemorate this event they did Mystery Boxes. All you had to do was let them know that you wanted to receive one, pay and it was mailed out or delivered to you. (Cost: $250.00 TT but you get at least $400.00 worth of goodies in it).

This post is loaded with Pictures since there were many thing in my box (my bad my bag)

I was actually in the middle of talking to Meera and my supervisor when I got the call that TTPost left a package for me, I jumped up so fast told Meera and we both made a beeline for our package. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. *-* so glad it actually  came on time.

Out of the package and this is what I was greeted with, Halener's signature pink bag.

I think the box was a little to big to fit in the packaging so instead I got my stuffies in this ELF Dump Bag and I should say it is B-U-TI-FUL and spacious, I can think of so many things I want to use this bag for.

Take a peek inside. What can you see? 

I couldn't help it I had to open it and scope out all that there was in the bag. (Good thing it was time for lunch I got to play with them a little longer).

Oh I also got this adorable Thank You card thanking me for purchasing the Mystery Box and for all my support. *Blushing*

Okay let's start. First of we have an Eye Lash Curler (since I already have one I may put it towards a giveaway or just give it to my sister). 

This I am definitely keeping. An ELF Cream Eyeliner in Midnight, I was actually thinking about purchasing this but now I don't have to and it even comes with a brush to apply the liner.

Than we have Halener Rustique's Lip Candy in the colour Smooches I believe. 

This is what it looks like a bronzey colour (LOL. is that even a word)

12 different colour rhinestones... eeeeeeeeepppppppp. This stuff is seriously hard to find, I am going to make use of these. 

A MAC / like MAC Stippling Brush (Not sure if that's the name)

3 gorgeous pigments 

So we have Sapphire which is really a lovely blue, Union in the middle, in the pot it looks like a dusty grey but when applied it's really a lovely dusty grey purple with hints of blue, purple and pink shimmer and last Desire which is more of a burgundy colour.

My Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion in Greed

Here is my ELF Cream Eyeliner and I swatched it (it glides on so smooth)

Here's another look at the pigments 

I without a doubt enjoyed this Mystery Box and if Halener Rustique every decides to do another I will absolutely be part taking of this again.

Hope you enjoyed your visit and please come back again. Don't forget to follow me and leave a comment.





  1. Waiting on mine...eepp so excited;-);-)

    1. Fingers crossed you'll get it soon unless TTpost screws up. Hope you enjoy it when it comes.