Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This is a store that I don't usually frequent but on the rare occasion that I do stop by I don't pay attention to their polishes. Somehow on this particular day Jordana caught my eyes so I stopped by the display to see what else I could find

I stumbles across a couple of bargains.At most cosmetic stores Jordana retails for $10.00 and up and the usual spot I go to buy I get them for $8.00 but they need to restock because I have most of the colours that they carry. Anyway without straying I got these lovely Jordana polishes $8.99 even the Kleancolor was priced the same so that was really a bargain. The Magnetic polish I scored for only $10.99 (lucky me).

Ever since I used my up my Jordana Bright Blue to make my Teal franken I can't find another anywhere, so when I saw this blue I grabbed it up thinking it was the same only to realize that it wasn't, There was micro glitter in it.
It's a really pretty colour (Flash Blue) but IMO I could do without the glitter since it was not showing up and it left the polish really rough when applied. Not my favourite.

I'm not a fan of pink but I like this Pink and it has a really cute name "Strawberry Marmalade" sounds sweet right. It's not as bright as the picture shows it but I love it.

I think this is my favourite of all "Cabaret" really beautiful look out for more on this polish when I do my Colour Inspired theme mani.

I just needed a white LOL.......

I just really like Kleancolor Glitters and this was the only one that the store had and since I didn't have this one i bought it. It looks a lot like yellow with green glitter when put over white

Ahhhhhh I found a really cheap magnetic that works great. The colour I choose was a kind of duo-chrome and since I see how good it works I'm going to get some more of these and pic up a few for Meera as well.

I can't wait to go polish shopping some more this weekend...Shhhhh don't tell hubby.

Hope you liked my haul and I'll have more to show you next week. 

Take care.




  1. Cabaret is a really great toe color for me. I love it.

  2. Where is this store located?

    1. oh i see, so far from me! thanks anyway

  3. love the strawberry marmalade.. and i want the magnetic polishes they are my new addiction :)

  4. these magnetic ones work really good only thing is they don't have a lot in it and only a couple of colours. I was trying to get 1 on each and that's all i succeeded in getting

  5. i like goin ryans u could always get a bargin