Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mini Haul - Ryan's, Pennywise, Santa's and $10.00 Store

I know I usually just haul nail polish but this time I thought I'd share with you some of the other things i've dicovered. So this is just a really mini haul of somethings miscellaneous things I picked up at Ryan's, Pennywise, Santa's and the ever popular Super $10 stores. 

I have really thick  hair (I'm mixed) and my hair was so unruly that no matter what I tried it never seemed to stay neat. Hubby loved my curly hair but he couldn't bare my constant complaining about how long it took to comb my hair or style it whenever I had to go anywhere. He finally gave in and I relaxed my hair, so I now had straight hair and could do with it as I please. I eventually got tired of the straight hair so I'm back to natural and have as usual dry and somewhat unruly hair. Anyway I bought this Raw Shea Butter Oil at Santa's for $12.99 and I can say I really like it since it's actually keeping my hair moist. This I well definitely continue to purchase. 

I ran out of my normal Make up remover face wiped and Pennywise had such a long line I really didn't want to go in. I only had intentions of going to Santa's to see what they had new. I'm sure this happens to you all, you go in just to look around and end up coming out with a bag full of items.... Impulse buy.
I got this remover in Aloe and I must say, it takes off make up fairly well not 100% but I find that it prevents your face from being all oily. If I use it before I go to bed when I wake in the morning my face is not oily like it usually gets. I like it just for a face wipe, not a make up remover.

I am one of those girls that really hate to shave and I say hate with a passion. I wax my eyebrows whenever I feel like it (that means once every 2  months) and I'm worse at shaving anywhere other than my arms * I know tmi***
This is my first time trying this shaver and as you can see it was quiet cheap $7.95 in Pennywise for 5 so I'll give it a go and see how it works.

I have been looking for these exacto knives at least I think that's what they're called. I found them in the $10 store along with a 2 hole paper punch, so instead of 1 I now have 3.. Yay me.

My pencils always seem to disappear on work so I got these 2 imitation mechanical pencils again for only $10.00. Now I'm sure no one will go with these.  *Fingers crossed*

And last but not least my favorite part of the haul I got 4 magnetic polishes at $10.99 a piece and a Jordana Orange Rush for only $8.99.
I'll do some swatches for you all when I start to feel better. 
I have the first colour and the third. The other 2 were given to Meera over at Pajamas and Pearls, I for her and the other for Roanna. I hope they like it. 

I think I'm heading to bed so until next time.

Have a good weekend incase you don't hear from me tomorrow.

Nite nite



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