Sunday, 2 September 2012

Week 17 - Book Inspired

Hello beautiful people

How is everyone on this glorious Sunday afternoon. Right now I feel like I can drop down especially with this heat. It's worst when the rain falls for a bit and then the sun comes out again because the heat just builds up more. 

Now since I've married I haven't had much time to read books but I did get the opportunity to read the twilight series which I most say I way better then the movies but yet still find myself always looking at the movie and I'm counting down the days until Breaking Dawn 2 to come out. 

So let me break it down Thumb: Twilight Book 1, Index: New Moon Book 2, Middle: Eclipse Book 3, Ring: Bella's wedding ring, Pinky: Book 4 breaking Dawn. 

This is where I got my inspiration

I also did this one that is supposed to portray the Holy Bible with a cross

Let me know what you think of my book inspired mani.

Share my blog with your friends, drop me a comment. I enjoy reading them,

Until next time.




  1. I enjoyed the twilight books as well ans really looking forward to seeing the end at the movies! love this original idea for a mani