Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Week 18 - Spatter - Spam

Good morning

Yesterday was the first day of the school term so hope all you kiddies had a great day and may you all have a productive school term. For me that means waking up a little earlier to leave home a little earlier to get to work to beat the traffic and the hassle of all the taxis being full. 
Anyway enough of that 

Week 18 - our theme was spatter/splatter and I have never done this one before but I gave it a go. After doing a lot of research I realized that this was going to be messy. Ugh. 

I wanted to used something bright so that the colours would show so i did neon colours. 
The base is Sasha "It's a Girl", then i did the spatter using Kleancolors Mango, Neon Purple and Funky Yellow. 

I tried stamping on it and putting a really sheer glitter... That was an epic fail. 

Direct Sunlight 

After wearing this for two days I decided to Mattify it, but even though i meant to take some pics, after all the remembering to do so, I had a senior moment and eventually still forgot to take the pics. *facepalm*

Please excuse how messy my cuticles are since I still couldn't get all the excess polish off.

So check it out and try it for yourself. Let me know what you think and if you've already tried it let me know how i can prevent the messiness without using tape..

Love you guys



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