Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Week 22 - Galaxy

Somehow when I think about doing a mani on Galaxy I hear the Star Trek theme sound and think about Buzz Light year, (to infinity and beyond).

I wasn't to proud of this mani but I think there was a but too much yellow and i needed to make smaller dots for the stars.

I did this mani and forgot what polishes I used for the base, however I sponged white and yellow to create sort of a far away look and then added dots which were supposed to be stars. 

This was in the shade 

I even added some glitters stars and moon from my Kleancolor Pinky Moon polish to see if it help revive it. 

Didn't work to good.

Please excuse my lack of enthusiasm for today's post, I've been having a kind of hard weekend into week.

Hubs is a little traumatized after seeing his bro take a fall and since he's having trouble sleeping  he keeps me up as well. So for this week and the next few I may not be fully committed. Do bare with me and I'll see if I can muster up some energy to do a few hauls and update this challenge.

To see what mani I did and My partner in polishing check out our Facebook page Just for the Fun of it

Thanks much guys

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    1. Thanks for the invite, i'll check it out