Thursday, 20 September 2012

Week 23 - Caviar Nails

What do you think about when you hear Caviar? Fish Eggs?

I didn't know what to think but when I had first seen these on blogs I was like they look interesting but do they hold up. 
Well it so happened Meera and I had stumbled upon a store and had bought a packet of nail art stuffs. There was glitter, some plastic hearts and stars, some balls and some other thingies.

Since we already had the balls (hehehe) we decided to put in this theme. It was only a really small tube of these so we had to use them sparingly and since I wasn't to fond of just putting them on the accent nail I played around with them. I did a different design on each nail.

The base colour is Kleancolor Neon Purple which is really pretty on it's own but even nicer when placed with gold. 

It didn't get time to take it off and it actually lasted a couple of days before it started to come off on it's own.

I don't think I'll be attempting this again but I will find some other uses for the tiny gold balls, I should say beads.

Until next time keep polishing.

Later dolls.




  1. I have yet to try this caviar manicure but that's because i cant seem to find the beads for it! looks so fun

  2. It was. Only thing you have to make sure the beads don't go rolling everywhere

  3. Replies
    1. i got them in Santa's in San Fernando.