Friday, 21 September 2012

Week 24 - Movie Inspired

I'm sure by now after seeing these pictures you have guessed which movie I was inspired by. At the time that I did this mani Hunger Games was in every cinema. I read the books after I watched the movie which I found were really interesting. 

I got my inspiration for this mani after google surfing looking for the right look, I eventually tried to recreate The Nailasaurus mani. It had a different element each symbolizing the hunger games.

Thumb is a 12 depicting District 12, Index: HG for Hunger Games, Middle: It's supposed to be the broach that Katniss wore, Ring Finger: The Flames and Pinky: the Bow that she uses.

Here's a better pic 

Hope you liked my depiction of the Hunger Games, I do hope they do the second part soon.

Until next time keep polishing.

Later dolls.



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