Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Week 26 Blue Water marble

Good morning all
I'm writing this post and still feeling so sleepy even though we just had a three day weekend. Our country of Trinidad and Tobago celebrated Republic Day yesterday, though I did nothing but lie in bed and watch TV all day I am feeling ever exhausted. 
Hope this coffee wakes me up soon. 

This is my Water Marble, I'm not to fond of doing water marbles and I'm sure you can see why.


I think this one came out the best after all the trying I did. Please excuse me but i did not clean up too well since I immediately took it off. 

See what I mean no hope for me in the world of water marbling, My middle finger and thumby was the best.

I see if I could at least salvage it a little I mattified it, but unfortunately that didn't even work.

I have to do some more work on that water marble technique.

I hoped you like it and even if you didn't I understand. I still love you guys.

Take care.



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