Friday, 28 September 2012

Week 27 Blazing Red

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone *cough cough*
I made it through the night and I'm feeling a little better so I'm playing catch up with my challenge posts.
This particular week we had to do Red. ugh.....

I don't particularly like Red nail polish (it stains too much).

Since I'm not fond of red and didn't necessarily have to wear this mani long i just did the accent nails in Kleancolor Red Hot and I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what was the other colour I used and I just can't seem to remember.. All I know is that it's a kinda pinky colour and it seems to have micro glitters.

My nails had started to break to I cut them all off and went down to nubbies. 

I really like this red since it have a really jelly look and has huge hex glitters.

This is how it looks in the sun light 

I hope you all enjoyed it so don't forget to follow me or just leave a comment.

Bye lovelies 



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