Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Swatch Me - Sparkling Grapes

Happy Tuesday. 

Hope you guys made it through Monday without any scrapes. 

Hubs felt guilty about not being around for my Birthday earlier this month so he made up by getting me some polishes. He didn't even say anything when I dragged him into Wonderful World and made him stand in front of the Kleancolor stand choosing polishes. 

This beauty here is called Sparkling Grapes. Trying to get a bottle shot was a waste since this polish is so sparkling that the light kept bouncing off. 

This polish was such a delight to put on despite having all those amazing silver micro glitters and pink glass flecks. 1 coat was all it took to get opaque. 

This picture was taken in Direct Sunlight

This was taken just in my room with the sun coming through the window. 

I an so loving this colour. Just deciding when would be a goo time to wear it.

Please excuse my uneven nails. My index broke and as usual takes forever to grow back and I didn't have the heart to cut the rest. I'm just waiting for it to grow out before I file them to be the same length.

Happy Halloween tomorrow and don't eat to much candy.



Monday, 29 October 2012

Swatch Me - Pink Glass

Hello lovely ladies 

It's getting close to Halloween, but we don't really celebrate Halloween in Trinidad. I will do a manicure for that particular day but for now please enjoy some swatches of my very gorgeous Nicka K Pink Glass. It's a really light Pink which is very sheer and has Gold glass flecks in it as well. 

A shot of the bottle  

In direct sunlight (I think the sun was so bright that the gold flecks did not want to play nicely)

I did manage to get them to peek through a little
This is actually 4 coats and it's still pretty sheer.
I'm thinking about using it to layer over other polishes.

Do you own this polish? Would you wear it?

Tell me what are your view on it.

Enjoy your spooky Monday.

Take care



Friday, 26 October 2012

Week 39 - Fishtail Braid

Hi lovely ladies 

I find myself gravitating to this polish often, it may just be because it is such a gorgeous colour and a gem to apply . 

I tried my hand at doing a Fish Tail Braid Manicure (Not sure if that's the right name). These pictures are before cleanup.

These were the products used. 

My Kleancolor Nail Hardener to help with the peeling
Fanta Sea Base Coat so my nails don't stain 
LA Colors Color Craze in Fun in the Sun 
Sacha Color in It's A Girl 
Kleancolor in Pastel Purple 
Kleancolor Fast Dry Top Coat to seal in everything 

Enjoy your weekend.

To get a little help doing this design check out my tutorial on my Youtube channel at sexysgirlstacy.

Love you guys, keep reading.



Thursday, 25 October 2012

Swatch Me - Gold Sparkles, Goddess, Black-ish

It's Thursday Yippy. The weekend is almost here and these polishes give you all the glitter and sparkles you need. 

Beauty Treats Gold Sparkles and boy do they Sparkle with all their hex glitter and micro glitters as well. 


It's layered over LA Colors Splash  just to see how it would look.

A Colorclub mini Black-ish. Looking at it in the bottle you can see a gold undertone

LA Colors Color Craze in Goddess it's a really pretty and sheer gold with iridescent hex and micro glitters.

A bottle shot. Just look at all those glitters.

 This is 2 coats but I think i'll just use it for layering and the only thing I don't like about it is that the Hex Glitters don't seen to like the brush. I could barely get them out of the bottle.

I did some layering over the colours to see how they would look. 

 On the Index over Black, the Middle over White, The Ring finger over Blackish and the Pinky over Splash.

I think my favourites are over Black-ish and Black.

What do you think about these colours? 

Would you wear them? 

Leave a comment I enjoy interacting with you all. 



Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Swatch Me - Seashell, Splash, Sky Blue

Good morning or good night. Happy Hump Day.

After a while of not buying polishes I finally gave in and got a few but I won't show you all today, you get a sneak peak.

This was the first one that caught my eye LA Colors Color Craze in Seashell. It's a really pretty Gold but it's very sheer I have on 3 coats but it's still not opaque.

I compared it over Black and White to see how well it would show up and I love how it looks over the black.

A lovely Sky Blue from Santee. From this angle it looks Blue but when applied to your nails it has a little purple undertone. 

A Bottle shot and as you can see it really looks a little lilac

Can you see the lilac effect? 

I have a love affair going on with Blue Polishes so I fell in love when I saw this LA Colors Color Craze in Splash.

The camera just did not want to capture this gorgeous colour. It's  a sort of Teal blue but even with 2 coats it's still sheer. I would have gotten away with 3 coats.

Do you own any of these polishes? What's your take on them? Do you like them? Let me know. 

Stay tuned for more Swatches. 



Tuesday, 23 October 2012

GgB and PrIzE ***********:)

I had entered a contest a while ago and had won, it was not anything big but never the less it was a prize of a keychain (a really pretty keychain), to get rid of the stinky one i have to replace the one I've had for years.

 The contest was hosted by AnnaYT on Facebook and I was happy to hear I had won, but sadly Anna had
some mis-fortunes after so it took a while before I got my prize. Never the less it arrived with another goodie.

A hand written note from Anna herself congratulating me and apologizing. Thank Anna.

My PRIZE a keychain YAY.........

My other goody was a Green Leopard print scarf. 

This is closest to the actual colour 

I was unable to subscribe to Halener Rustiques's Glitzy Glam Bag for October since I had some UN-for-seen expenses.

But they were so sweet and still sent me the BH Cosmetics Bag. It was such a sweet surprise to get this I couldn't believe it. I think the GGB this month was to represent Cancer Awareness so most of the stuff that was received was Pink **I think***

Thank you Halener Rustique for showing me how much you appreciate me. (Tearing up)

This is the thingy for the zipper  such a cute flower. 

For more on the Glitzy Glam Bag fro Halener Rustique you can check out their facebook page linked above.

You can also check out Eshe's blog at Make up Lover
and Sumstas's Youtube vid here



Monday, 22 October 2012

Week 38 - I'm a Ruffian

This week we did A Ruffian Manicure (taking some facts from Meera) The Ruffian Manicure was created by Creative Nail Design especially for the NYFW Ruffian Fashion Show. 

I started off by applying my Arista Metallic Blue.

Then I went in with my LA. Color's Color Craze Fun in the Sun (it actually looks like a dupe for Kleancolor Neon Purple)  

To hide my imperfections I did some small dots around where the blue and purple met and put some large hex glitters on the accent nail. 

This was the outcome . 

I'm hoping to get some more posts out this week so polished fingers crossed that my week doesn't get too busy..

Until next time..