Tuesday, 23 October 2012

GgB and PrIzE ***********:)

I had entered a contest a while ago and had won, it was not anything big but never the less it was a prize of a keychain (a really pretty keychain), to get rid of the stinky one i have to replace the one I've had for years.

 The contest was hosted by AnnaYT on Facebook and I was happy to hear I had won, but sadly Anna had
some mis-fortunes after so it took a while before I got my prize. Never the less it arrived with another goodie.

A hand written note from Anna herself congratulating me and apologizing. Thank Anna.

My PRIZE a keychain YAY.........

My other goody was a Green Leopard print scarf. 

This is closest to the actual colour 

I was unable to subscribe to Halener Rustiques's Glitzy Glam Bag for October since I had some UN-for-seen expenses.

But they were so sweet and still sent me the BH Cosmetics Bag. It was such a sweet surprise to get this I couldn't believe it. I think the GGB this month was to represent Cancer Awareness so most of the stuff that was received was Pink **I think***

Thank you Halener Rustique for showing me how much you appreciate me. (Tearing up)

This is the thingy for the zipper  such a cute flower. 

For more on the Glitzy Glam Bag fro Halener Rustique you can check out their facebook page linked above.

You can also check out Eshe's blog at Make up Lover
and Sumstas's Youtube vid here



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