Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mini Haul - Pennywise, Ryan's and Bright Ideas

Hi ladies

This is a super busy week and I got these stuff last week and during the week.
This is going to be a really short post but it's packed with pictures.

This is my mini haul from Ryan's and Pennywise.
 I saw Roanna  raving about Simple Wipes, also Eshe for super makeup addicted had good things to say.

I finally got it at Pennywise even though they are almost always sold out.

Next I got some wipes (Refreshing wipes) and I really like these wipes they are so in expensive and small enough to fit in your purse for your everyday use. (I think they were for $6.50) at Pennywise.

I usually get a pack for hubs as well and I saw these and thought they would work good for him since they are antibacterial. Fresh'n Soft and there are 15 wipes for only $4.50.

I must confess I am nail polish addict, I got 3 polishes mainly because I was in too much of a hurry to comb through the basket.

So there is a Jordana Black, a Pure Ice Glow in the Dark and Pure Ice Dreamy which is a really pretty sheer pink with micro glitters.

I had actually seen these Command Stripes advertising on television and I saaw them being sold in Bright Ideas and aat a nice price of $14.99 for a pack with 6 small ones and same price for 2 big ones.

The bedroom really need a little organization so i got them just to try them.

This is by the door so that we can put our keys and belts  and not have them thrown all over the room..

Hope you liked my little mini haul and hope to post again soon.

I'm going to be super busy this weekend but i'll still try my best to get something up for the weekend.

Until next time stay safe and don't forget to follow and leave a comment. I enjoy reading them.





  1. I ADORE the Handbags you have in this post!

    1. LOL thanks. Those are the handbags I use for work and stuff