Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Swatch Me - Sparkling Grapes

Happy Tuesday. 

Hope you guys made it through Monday without any scrapes. 

Hubs felt guilty about not being around for my Birthday earlier this month so he made up by getting me some polishes. He didn't even say anything when I dragged him into Wonderful World and made him stand in front of the Kleancolor stand choosing polishes. 

This beauty here is called Sparkling Grapes. Trying to get a bottle shot was a waste since this polish is so sparkling that the light kept bouncing off. 

This polish was such a delight to put on despite having all those amazing silver micro glitters and pink glass flecks. 1 coat was all it took to get opaque. 

This picture was taken in Direct Sunlight

This was taken just in my room with the sun coming through the window. 

I an so loving this colour. Just deciding when would be a goo time to wear it.

Please excuse my uneven nails. My index broke and as usual takes forever to grow back and I didn't have the heart to cut the rest. I'm just waiting for it to grow out before I file them to be the same length.

Happy Halloween tomorrow and don't eat to much candy.



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