Tuesday, 27 November 2012

November - Glitzy Glam Bag

Guess what I got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's Halener Rustique's November Glitzy Glam Bag (GGB). I wasn't able to subscribe to the October bag but I made sure I got the November one. 
The theme for November was "Something For Me & A Lil Something For You" 
A little note letting us know all that was in the bag. 

This is the bag it came in and this is the item that was used before. I got this bag in the July Edition GGB .

All the goodies inside 

First off a ELF Lucious Liquid Lipstick in Strawberry and it smells so good. Even tasted it a little and it has a good taste.:D
This retails at Halener Rustique's for $12.00 TT

An Eye lash Applicator. I have never worn false lashes so I don't even know how to start to use this but I guess eventually I will learn. This retails for $15.00 TT.

A Nabi Blue Eyeliner in Satin Blue and this is really soft and smooth. 
This retails for $12.00 TT 

Saved the best for last 
8 pigments and they are gorgeous. 

No matter how much I tried I could not capture the true colours of these pigments 
So their names are: 
From R-L top row: Dean, Rocket, Dusk, Dawn  

From R-L bottom row: Bitter, Mingles, Grenade, Fabu 

You can see these better

Here are some swatches and as you can see the top row contains similar colours but after swatching you can see the difference with them 

Dean - Is a darker purple
Rocket - has a pinky undertone 
Dusk - I can't describe dusk 
Grenade - has more of a blue-ish undertone 

These are the other four 
Dawn - has a green gold undertone 
Bitter - is more of a Mint Green colour 
Fabu - is a darker Green 
Mingles - is a shimmery white 

So this was my November Glitzy Glam Bag. 

Stay tuned to see what goodies arrive in the December Edition of the GGB. 

Take care guys.



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