Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Swatch Me - Metalic Pink

hey hey hey 

Back at work after a long weekend and i see a ton of work on my desk. Oh darn...  At least I have polish to brighten my day. 

This is a really girly Pinky Pink but that's ok because this is mainly going to be used for Stamping since Kleancolor Metallics are really good stampers. 

Would you believe this is only 1 coat 

Fair warning make sure and wear abase coat with this since it stains. 
This was really smooth to apply and surprisingly dried really fast. I like it. Think I'm going to look for the whole stamping collection.  

Thanks for reading.




  1. Wow. This is such a pretty pink! I just added it to my wish list. I hope you got through your desk full of work quickly and easily.

    1. Yes I got through all the work.. Lol.. It really is a gorgeous Pink. Thanks for reading