Thursday, 1 November 2012

Swatch Me - Morning Glory

Happy Thursday everyone 
Hope you had a great Halloween.
This polish that I'm featuring today is Morning Glory and it's a really deep purple with Blue micro glitters. 

Got a bottle shot of the blue glitters 

I'm not sure why but unlike the other LA Colors this one in particular had the name on the side of the bottle. 

As you can see it's still pretty sheer even after 2 coats, application was still really good there was no streaking. 

I have a love affair going on with all polishes Purple and Blue so i really like this colour.

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  1. I love purple and blue together. I have two glitter polishes that are in a clear base with purple and blue glitter. Whoopsie. ;-)

    1. I just love blue but blue glitter makes it even more exciting

  2. I love this! that blue shimmer is amazing!