Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Break

Hi guys

Happy Christmas Eve. 

I know it's been a while but I have a good excuse. I've been pretty busy at work, I've been so busy and tired I haven't even done a Christmas mani. 

At the moment I have my ham in the oven, I'm trying to write a post and trying to finish clean. I'm off for the rest of the week so I'll try my best to do a post for you on Thursday.  

But until then I do hope and pray that you all have a happy, holy and safe Christmas. 



Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Halener Rustique - December Glitzy Glam Bag

Hey hey hey 

It's gonna be another rainy day in Trinidad. 

Oh darn it!!! I was actually gonna put up my last 2 challenges but forgot the cable for my phone at home. Typical me. 

So instead I'll show you what I got in the December Edition of Halener Rustique's GGB. 

Again all my pictures are on my phone so instead i'll send you to view my video on Youtube. 

Click right here. 

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Take a Minute

Hello lovely people of the blog world.

I'm taking 2 minutes out of my hectic day of meetings to say thank you to Gwen over at Sweet Sugar where I was her featured Best Of You on Saturday. 

If you have a minute go check her and see her lovely designs.

Thanks guys

Back to meeting.



Saturday, 15 December 2012

Gift Haul from Josanne

I won, I won, I won. 

Ok,  I'm really excited to show you lovely people what I won. 
Ok so first things first, some of the Trini Youtubers had a giveaway / meet and greet. There were about 5 contests that you could enter and each chose a winner and we met up for a little dinner. 
I won the giveaway held by Triniunispy, check out her Youtube channel.

So I got everything in this really pretty silver gift bag and it's loaded with goodies. 

So here's a rundown of all the stuffies. 

  • Elf Mineral Powder Brush
  • Costal Scents Angled Brush 
  • Eye liner Brush 
  • Alma Lipliner Crayon in Brown 
  • Ruby Kisses Nail Polish - Base Coat and Raspberry
  • Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac in Midnight Pomegranate
  • Halener Rustique Rice Powder
  • Malibu Glitz 3XXXL Vloume Mascara
  • Brow and Lash Kit 
  • Elf Cream Blush and Bronzer
  • Beauty Treats palette
  • Mini Chocolates 

So first off we have sweet treats ..Yummers.

The angled brush

The Eyeliner Brush

The Mineral Powder Brush

Lipliner Crayon in Brown.

Ruby Kisses Nail Polishes  A base Coat and Raspberry

I just love these cute PocketBacs from Bath and Body Works and this one is in Midnight Pomegranate. 

This is actually something I was going to order but now I don't have to. Halener Rustiques's Rice Powder. This is a setting powder that keeps your face matte. I love this and the fact that it has a sifter so too much of the product won't come  out. 

A Malibu Glitz 3XXXL Volume Mascara in Black. 

Then we have this Brow and Lash kit that comes in the colour pink with a Brow and Lash Comb, a Tweezer, an Eyelash curler and a Two Sided Makeup Applicator. 

Revlon Lip Butters in Raspberry Pie and Berry Smoothie  

Elf HD Blush in Headliner and Encore 

ELF Contouring Blush Bronzing Cream in t. Lucia

This may just be the most unique clutch I've ever seen. I love it 

Yup you guessed it It zips right out and I just had to see what it would look like. 

A palette from Beauty Treats which is just gorgeous

This is what it looks like when it's opened out

These colours are so pigmented

This is the last of the gift posts so from next week back to the nails.

Thanks for reading. 



Friday, 14 December 2012

Gift Haul from a Sweet New Friend

Happy Friday 

Don't you just love it when you make a new friend? 

A friend who you can talk to about the things you like. 

Well I made such a special friend and I hope she's here to stay. I finally met her and got such a surprise.

Thank you for such a special surprise. 

You're the best!!!!!



Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Halener Rustique - Christmas Bag

Happy Hump Day 

Just like the Mystery Bag that Halener Rustique came out with for their Anniversary they had a Christmas Bag and yeah I subscribed to it. 
Come on who doesn't enjoy getting a surprise especially so close to Christmas. 

I won't bore you with a lot of pictures but I will send you to check out my Youtube channel by clicking on the video. 

So hurry up and go. If you like what you see and bear in mind this is my first real video. Go easy on me.

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Thanks for reading guys.



Monday, 10 December 2012

A prize from Leslie

Hello guys and gals 

Over the new few days I'll be posting about some cool prizes and gifts that I received during a meet and greet with some Trini Youtubers. 

This particular prize I did not even know I had won. 
This was from Leslie (doughly)

First off look how cute that basket is and the good thing is you can always reuse it for something else. 

I think there was a whole pink and green theme going since I got a pink Sinfulcolor nail polish in Cream Pink. This is actually a really creamy pink with gold reflects. 

Next a NYX Chrome Eyeshadow on Sunny Day and this as well has some gold reflects. 

This really beautiful Milani Blush by the name of Luminous and guess what this has a hint of gold as well. 

Also this NYX Pearl Shadow in Green Eyes Pearl 

Who does like a Mask, but this one is an Age Defying Collagen Mask which apparently has lots of fruits. I'm so excited to try this....

And lastly a really nice black and white ring in the shape of a heart.  

What else could you ask for? 

Oh yeah a basket to help store some of your newly acquired goodies. 

Well I hope you liked my little prize. 

Thank you so much for this Leslie and it was a pleasure meeting you. Hope we can do this again sometime. 





Thanks for reading.