Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Haul Me Baby - Miscellaneous Pennywise

Hey there guys and gals, 

Good morning. 

My usual hauling spot and I'm sure most Trinis agree *Pennywise* aside from Wonderful World. Even though the  customer service is really kinda poor in some places you can't help but go back just to get what you need and when you do you end up getting things you didn't even need. 

Anyway first up I finally got the Spectra Cotton Rounds. (Apparently you have to ask for these cotton rounds) I have yet to try them but with all the hype fingers crossed that they're worth it. 
Price: $9.95 

I really wasn't running low on these Simple Wipes but there were only a few on the display so I just had to get one. 
Price: $15.95

You may have seen one of these in a previous haul but guess what you can never have too many Body Washes and they always seem to finish so fast. I got this one in Wild Cherry Blossom. I just love the scents that they have. 
Price: $22.95

I tend to do my nails a lot so I got through a lot of Nail Polish Removers and since they didn't have my regular one I went with ARISTA instead. Not my first choice but it gets the job done. 
Price: $9.95

I don't usually buy candles but this one took the cake. I smells so good that I couldn't wait to light it up, which I did before taking out pictures. If I recall the scent is French Vanilla and it smells like something really delicious to eat.To bad I went back to see if I could score some more but they didn't have any. 
Price: $7.95 

Who can resist getting a mascara especially when it a really nice one. Well I picked up three. 

So first up Santee and this is a brown.
Price $4.95

Then we have a Malibu  Glitz Curl Up and it does curl up. 
Price: $12.95

And also a Jordana Clear, I mainly use this for shaping my brows and keeping them in place. 
Price: I can't remember

 And lastly I got a Kajal liner from Blue Haven just for my eyes on evenings. Nothing to fancy since i hate to wear Kajal. It claims that it's Waterproof and Smudgeproof, uh uh that's not true at all. 
Price: I can't remember 

Hope you liked my little haul.

Stay tuned in there may just be more to come. 

Keep safe and keep reading. 




  1. Pennywise really has terrible customer service, no matter which branch it is. It's as though they train them to be unpleasant and unhelpful. lol

    1. I know right. The sad thing is sometimes we don't have a choice but to go there.