Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Week 44 - Movember

Would you believe it I posted my 100th blog post on Monday and was too busy to even realize it. 

I'm sure most of you know that November was Prostate Cancer month and in keeping with the theme of the mustache we did Movember nails. This post is going up kinda late because of my schedule but hopefully I'll get the rest up on time. 

For this look I used my newly acquired Kleancolor Catch Me which is a nice Teal colour. I seem to be finding that colour often now. 

I looked at a couple tutorials and tried my best to paint these mustaches. 

Do you like my mustache? 

Guess what. Christmas will be here in exactly 20 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe. 




  1. cute! I super like the nail color and the mustache design. Extraordinary. Great job girl!

  2. Aww...Thank you, and thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Your mustaches nails are cuteeeee. I've tried for couple times and never get this cute hihi
    i'm your new follower anyway, and if you dont mind you can follow me back and stopping by at my page sometime :D

    1. Thank you it was my first time. I checked out a couple of tutorials so I could do it. lol... Thanks for following. I'll check out your page :D

  4. Mr. Mussshhy Mussshhy!!! Hehe!