Thursday, 31 January 2013

Haul Me Baby - Pennywise, Wonderful World (Pic Loaded)

What better way to cheer yourself up than to go shopping with a friend? 
 Meera and I set aside a day for only shopping and even though we didn't get much we still had fun. 

These are all that I picked up. 

So this is my Pennywise haul.

It's been a while since I've even seen this but my hubs has been getting a lot of headaches due to the sun so he asked me to pick this up.
Cost $17.50

Then of course you need to have back up wipes.
Cost $15.95

I heard Roanna from Sweetzrv was raving about this perfume (Juliet) and I felt I had to get it. Only $9.95 TT so it is well worth it and it smells amazing.

I am the type of person that really hates to shave so I usually opt for hair removers. Not to fond of the smell but it does the job.
Cost $31.95

Apricot Scrub to help exfoliate my skin and I usually just buy the small one since with me it usually last for a while.
Cost $9.50

Look out for my January empties and you'll see why I needed a new Blue Mascara. This one I got was from Cara Mia and it's a waterproof mascara. 
Cost $12.50

Don't you just love when some things come in small packages. These are so cute and handy to always have since they fit comfortable in your purse and you can take it anywhere.
Cost $4.95

I have really thick curly hair so I thought I'd give this Milk Protein and Olive Oil conditioning treatment a try to see if it would help keep it moisturized.
Cost $9.50

Wonderful World Haul

Meera pointed out this Kleancolor Nail Treatment collection and I just had to get one.
It comes with a High Shine Top Coat, Base Coat, Calcium Nail Strengthener, Garlic Nail growth, Nail hardener and Cuticle Oil.
Cost $30.00

Can't forget the Nail Polish and I picked up a Nail Duo in Fearless
Cost $12.00

Jordana Gloss Sensation Lip Shine in Bronzy Charm and is such a gorgeous colour and smells good too.
Cost $12.00

I don't usually buy Jordana polishes in WW but I made an exception for this beauty, it's a really creamy purple named Hypnotizing.
Cost $14.00

Miscellaneous Stores haul

It may be  TMI but I picked up a tongue scraper at JD's Supercentre for $3.99.

Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning cut and bruises. 
Cost $7.50

You can never have to many emery boards

There must be another nail polish in here and these are gorgeous colours  in Athens (Green) and a really pretty Black with shimmers that change colour however it turns.
Cost $14.95

I had a lot of fun that day and hope we can do it again soon.

Disclaimer: I am in no way bragging about the things that I got. All the items were bought with my own money,I just wanted to share my purchases with you all. 


  1. Nice purchases. Watched the video for a while - you are so cute! I have those two Sinful Colors polishes but haven't worn them yet - oops!