Thursday, 28 February 2013

Trendy Thursday - Ombre / Skittles

Good Morning my dear readers

Welcome to yet another Trendy Thursday. 

Today's Mani: Ombre / Skittles
My take: Plain Skittles
Polishes used: Jordana "Fushia Frenzy, Green Glow, Bright Blue, Orange Rush", Kleancolor " Funky Yellow.   

I attempted to ombre the skittles but it just wouldn't co-operate so I opted for plain skittles. 

Hope you all enjoy. 

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Halener Rustique's February 2013 GGB

Hey guys from around the world. 

February was a very festive filled month with Carnival for most part and then Valentines Day. 

The Glitzy Glam Bag was geared more to Valentine. 

It started off with a little note telling us what we each received in our bag along with prices. 

All the items including the GORGEOUS wristlet. 

This brush is just so soft and fluffy and the colour makes it even better.

The blush is more of a pink tone with a gold shimmer and very pigmented. 

Not sure what the names are but I get my pigments in Naughty, a light pink that had an iridescent look, a beautiful red with gold shimmer and a really dark blueish, almost blackish with a bit of shimmer as well. 

A sample size rose shaped soap in the fragrance of love spell. 

Head over to my Youtube Channel where I talk a little bit more about these things. 

Until next time. 



Monday, 25 February 2013

Dabbling in Makeup

Hi guys

Let me give you a run down. 
My mom growing up was more of a tomboy and you can say that she still is. She doesn't wear  the slightest hint of makeup not even for special occasions, hates the smell of nail polish, doesn't wear jewelry unless there's a reason and has never stepped foot in a hair saloon. I grew up like a tomboy myself until I started to work and could afford to buy nail polish for myself. 

Anyway fast forward the first time I had ever done my eyebrows was a couple days before my wedding and since then I try to keep them maintained. I find myself dabbling more and more in nail polish and nail art (maybe because I have a friend that shares my interest or it could be that no one yells at me when I open a polish bottle) (lol).  

I now find myself really liking makeup and I'm still learning but eventually I will get there. So since I'm experimenting here are some of the looks I have been rocking for work. 

Please excuse the blurry pictures I took them with my phone. 
So what do you think of these looks. Honest opinion. 



Friday, 22 February 2013


I sat pondering which one of my beauty's I should use on my nails and decided upon my LA Color Fun in the Sun 
While waiting for them to dry hubby came home and wanted to get in on the action so he insisted that I put a different glitter polish on each nail (this he wanted to do himself). I took out my polishes and he choose 5 and he put each nail with a different polish. 

So from left to right Kleancolor "Green with Envy, LA Colors "Jewel Tone", Rouane "Gold Card", Kleancolor "My Valentine and Shooting Star" and that is the order in which they went on as well. 

Unfortunately the Green with Envy changed the colour of the polish to a brown (not sure how). 

I should commend him since he did not mess up my cuticles to much he's getting better. This was just a little bit of randomness. Hope you enjoy your day. 

Has your hubby ever polished your nails, how did it come out? 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Trendy Thursday - Favourite Colour

Hi dears. 
Sorry I haven't been posting, I've just been having a crazy week. 

But Anywho, welcome to Trendy Thursday. 

Today's Mani: Favourite Colour
My take: Basic Black  
Polishes used:Wet n Wild megalast "Blackmail"

I've always liked black but then to stray away to blue and purple every now and then. 

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Halener Rustique's January 2013 GGB

EEEEEP the January Glitzy Glam Bag is here. 
Just look at this adorable make up pouch, i just love the colours (Chocolate Brown and Blue) so gorgeous. 
I have been anticipating the arrival of this bag for weeks and my wait was not in vain. 

Everything came packaged in Pink tissue paper. 

All the goodies who could resist playing with these new toys. 

So from left to right 
  • Pink, Green and Blue Glitter
  • A pigment in Jet Blue
  • A Sephora Crayon Jumbo 12 hours wear liner in Purple Glitter 
  • Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petals
  • Elf Natural Lash Kit in Brown


Elf Natural Lash Kit in Brown

Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal 

Halener Rustique Pigment in Jet Blue 

Sephora Jumbo Liner in Purple Glitter

Pink Glitter 

Green Glitter 

Blue Glitter 

    Halener Rustique puts together a Glitzy Glam Bag every month and for the low price of $100.00 TT you too can get yourself one here.

    Remember to comment and follow to see more nail art, swatches and lots more. 

    Thursday, 14 February 2013

    Trendy Thursday - Valentine Day


    Welcome to yet another Trendy Thursday. 

    Today's Mani: Valentines Day   
    My take: Valentine Coupons  
    Polishes used:Santee "Angel Red", Jordana "White", Jordana "Black", Red, Pink, Black and White Striper. 

    I searched Google looking for inspiration on this venture and realized that even though some people do Valentine coupons far their loved ones it has never really been attempted on nails. 
    So I thought I might as well give it a try. 

    On the pinky you are eligible to have 1 date, on the ring finger 1 kiss, the middle 1 hug and the index I love you. 

    I really like how these turned out even though they smudged after the top coat was applied. 

    Don't forget to head over to Pajamas n Pearls and see Meera's take on Valentines Day. 

    Also for a simple tutorial on how to achieve this design head over to my Youtube Channel here

    Valentine Gradient Tutorial

    Hey hey hey all of you out there in blog land

    I think of all my Valentine manis I like this one the most. It's so simple yet so beautiful. 

    Products used:
    Santee "Angel Red"
    Pure Ice "Bite Me"
    Rhinestones (Hearts and circles) 

    To see how I accomplished this look head over to my Youtube Channel here. 

    Hope you like it. 

    Wednesday, 13 February 2013

    Random Valentine Nail Art

    Hi lovelies 

    Have you every done your nails and it just did not come out how you pictured it in your head?

    Well that's just what happened. In my head there were tiny red hearts with a white borders and they looked so nice, but it was not to be done, I did not like the end result. 

    To me it was a fail but I still wanted to share it with you all. 

    Let me know what you think of it. 

    Stamping - Lace Tips for Valentine

    Happy Hump Day. 

    So tomorrow is Valentine's Day, the day you see so many people taking out their loved ones. Men rushing to purchase flowers and chocolates last minute. 

    Unfortunately for me I have to work and so does the hubby. So if you don't have a valentine I will consider you mine. :P

    I'm no good at doing lace so instead I cheated and used my stamp with a beautiful lace print. 
    Only stamping on the tips. 
    I then had a stamping fail sine the colour I used did not want to show up properly. 

    I actually like it with the lace tips alone, but what's done is done. 

    What do you think should I have left it alone?