Monday, 25 February 2013

Dabbling in Makeup

Hi guys

Let me give you a run down. 
My mom growing up was more of a tomboy and you can say that she still is. She doesn't wear  the slightest hint of makeup not even for special occasions, hates the smell of nail polish, doesn't wear jewelry unless there's a reason and has never stepped foot in a hair saloon. I grew up like a tomboy myself until I started to work and could afford to buy nail polish for myself. 

Anyway fast forward the first time I had ever done my eyebrows was a couple days before my wedding and since then I try to keep them maintained. I find myself dabbling more and more in nail polish and nail art (maybe because I have a friend that shares my interest or it could be that no one yells at me when I open a polish bottle) (lol).  

I now find myself really liking makeup and I'm still learning but eventually I will get there. So since I'm experimenting here are some of the looks I have been rocking for work. 

Please excuse the blurry pictures I took them with my phone. 
So what do you think of these looks. Honest opinion. 




  1. Really pretty looks! You blend things nicely and I love how bold you are with color and finish right out of the gate :)

  2. i am in love with the first one what did u use?

    1. Thanks dear. I used a Santee palette for the white and light blue and a beauty Treats palette for the darker blue