Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Halener Rustique's February 2013 GGB

Hey guys from around the world. 

February was a very festive filled month with Carnival for most part and then Valentines Day. 

The Glitzy Glam Bag was geared more to Valentine. 

It started off with a little note telling us what we each received in our bag along with prices. 

All the items including the GORGEOUS wristlet. 

This brush is just so soft and fluffy and the colour makes it even better.

The blush is more of a pink tone with a gold shimmer and very pigmented. 

Not sure what the names are but I get my pigments in Naughty, a light pink that had an iridescent look, a beautiful red with gold shimmer and a really dark blueish, almost blackish with a bit of shimmer as well. 

A sample size rose shaped soap in the fragrance of love spell. 

Head over to my Youtube Channel where I talk a little bit more about these things. 

Until next time. 



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