Friday, 22 February 2013


I sat pondering which one of my beauty's I should use on my nails and decided upon my LA Color Fun in the Sun 
While waiting for them to dry hubby came home and wanted to get in on the action so he insisted that I put a different glitter polish on each nail (this he wanted to do himself). I took out my polishes and he choose 5 and he put each nail with a different polish. 

So from left to right Kleancolor "Green with Envy, LA Colors "Jewel Tone", Rouane "Gold Card", Kleancolor "My Valentine and Shooting Star" and that is the order in which they went on as well. 

Unfortunately the Green with Envy changed the colour of the polish to a brown (not sure how). 

I should commend him since he did not mess up my cuticles to much he's getting better. This was just a little bit of randomness. Hope you enjoy your day. 

Has your hubby ever polished your nails, how did it come out? 


  1. i doubt hubby will do this. if its left up to him i would wear no mu and have plain nails lol

    1. LOL. He actually let me polish his toes for him as well, but he took it off before he left the house to get haircut