Wednesday, 6 March 2013

February Empties

Hi everyone 

So even though I really started this blog for nails I seem to have veered off into some other directions. I found that nails alone would be a bit of a bore to I started to poke around in make up and then reading other bloggers I started doing hauls and now I have jumped over to empties. So sit back, relax and share in my enjoyment of finishing some products. 

First up are my Suave "Wild Cherry Blossom" and my St. Ives "Exfoliating" Bodywash. I love the fragrance of the Suave and have tried to always get different scents but I decided to try the St. Ives which I love. It feels like you're getting a body massage when you use it.
Already repurchased another St. Ives but in a different scent.

My Simple Baby Wipes. I have been loving this for removing makeup and it does the job well. Already repurchased.

Bath & Body Works Candles. The scents were ok but I only think I can handle the Coconut Leaves for a long period unlike the others. Looking for some other fragrances. 

Sofrifree Milk Protein and Olive Oil Strengthening Creme. I really like this for my hair, it smells good and does the job of not having my hair looking too dry. Already repurchased.

Elf Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Strawberry (Love love love this). Already have a backup.

Kleancolor Tease Me mascara in Blue. Hated this since i only used it once and it dried up. Will not be repurchasing this. 

This was just some of the things that I used up during the month of February. 

Do you enjoy reading these posts or should I just stick to nails? 

Let me know. 

Until next time 



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