Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Haul Me Baby - Pennywise Haul

Hey hey people of Earth

My bestie of the polish world Meera over at Pajamas n Pearls and I went out and did some shopping and when I say shopping I mean we spend over 1 hour in just one store. 

Here is some of the stuffies that I picked up.  

Jordana Easyshine in Berry Colada (smells like berries) and Sugar Cookie. Cost $14.95 each

Fanta Sea Base Coats. I snagged 2 bottles for  $8.95
Vasocare Petroleum Jelly and the packaging was so cute .
Cost $3.95

Dove Winter Care soap. Cost  $49.95 for 6

Q-Tips in a flower shaped container which contains 300 pieces. Cost $9.95

St. Ives Exfoliating Body Wash in Apricot. Cost $25.95. Foaming Milk Bath in Cherry Blossom $9.95.

Crest Pro-Health Mouth Wash . Cost $24.95
Oral B Tooth Brush. Cost $17.95
Individual Sanitizing Hand Towels - Cost $6.95

Fresh n' Soft make up wipes - $7.95

Nose Cleansing Strips $9.95
Hand Sanitizer Spray - $6.95
Wipes - $7.95

Suave Professionals Keratin Fusion minis - $14.95
Vaseline lotion - $4.95

Cotton Puffs - $7.95

Paddle Brush - $12.95
Clear Shower caps - $5.95

Axe Excite - $22.95

Ocean Potion Sunblock - $28.95      Sweet breath - $9.95

Of course I had to get Nail Polish
Jordana Glitter in Gemstones - $15.95
                          Jordana Glitter in Sequins - $15.95

                              Arista in Barbie Girl - $5.95

Rhinestone Wheel - $9.95

These polishes were bought in 5th Sensation

Sinfulcolor - Grecian Sun - $14.95

Sinfulcolor - Last Chance - $14.95

Pure Ice - Electric - $10.00

                         Sinfulcolor -Purple Diamond - $14.9

Pure Ice - All Night Long - $10.00

Who could forget chocolate. 
Caramel $10.00 for 4
Kit kat- $12.00 for 3

Sorry for all the pictures but I could not resist. This was my huge haul. 




  1. they had pure ice O_O where exactly is the 5th sensation store???

    1. LOL... Ok once you know where JD's Supercentre is in Ptown then u can't get lost. You walk up the stairs on the floor where subway is. Keep on the right hand side and go straight down to the corner and the store is right there. You can't miss it because there is so much nail polish. Hope you find it

  2. which pennywise u got the rhinestones?