Saturday, 2 March 2013

Swatch Me - Fearless

I love nude colours, it's like you're wearing polish but yet you can't really tell. It makes your nails look polished and neat while having a more sophisticated look. 

I picked up this Kleancolor Duo in Fearless a while back, but I'm now getting a chance to do some swatches of it and I must say it has won me over. I LOVE IT!!!

I really need a new camera my phone isn't cutting it anymore. So this is just 1 coat but it is so opaque, I had no problems with it and it even dried in just a short time. 

I need to get me some more duos. 

What do you think, would you rock this nude colour?

Let me know what you think, just leave a comment. 




  1. Love this! Nude colours are my favourite. This kinda reminds me of Essie's Topless and Barefoot.

  2. That's a fantastic color on you!