Friday, 22 March 2013

Swatch Me - Pinky Glitter, Barbie Pink, Holo Pink

Yeah the weekend is here. WHOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!

I am always excited about the weekend since it's the only days I can sleep late and get some rest. 

So for this manicure I decided to kill 3 birds with 1 stone and since all where of the pink nature. 

SinfulColors "Pinky Glitter", Kleancolor "Holo Pink" and Arista "Barbie Pink".

I started off with Holo Pink on my Index, Barbie Pink on the middle and ring and Pinky Glitter on my Pinky.

Barbie Pink 

 I think of all I like the Pinky Glitter over Barbie Pink. It has different colour glitters and they aren't small either. 

Which one do you like? 

Quick question. For those of you who use google reader to follow this blog. Is it showing up on your feeds? 




  1. the arista and kleancolor do they dry well or tacky after appling ....

    1. the arista dried pretty fast but the Kleancolor takes a while, unless you use a quick dry top coat or spray