Wednesday, 29 May 2013

French Tip Stickers

Happy Hump Day or should I say Happy day before the long weekend to all the Trinbagonians. 

I recently got these stickers in a GGB and they gave me so much trouble to use but I decided to give it one more try but this time using a thinner polish to see if it would do the trick. See my last attempt at using these stickers here.

For my base I used Kleancolor's Holo Chrome then put on the stickers how I wanted it. I then used LA Colors Splash over it. I let it get half dry before I even attempted to take it off. 

And Wahla the final product. It still raised the polish a bit but not so much to damage the whole design. 

Here's a better look 

What do you think about it? Would you recommend doing it another way to get a better effect? 
Let me know what your thoughts are on these stickers. 




  1. you should get the sticker less tacky by sticking it on your hand a few soon as you polish over it, remove the sticker right away....remember not to apply the polish too thick....hope this helps..also let your base color dry totallllyyy....fed up screw up my design by not doing this....lolzz...

    1. I tried all of that and this is the best I could get it. I guess it just doesn't like me