Thursday, 9 May 2013

Trendy Thursday - New Technique

Hello my lovelies 
Welcome to another Edition of Trendy Thursday. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!

This week we had to try a new technique. Stick around and you'll see what I did for the first time. 

Today's Mani: New Technique 
My Take: Texture 
Polishes Used: Jordana "Pink Romance" and sandy glitter

I really wanted to try this texture polish but I wasn't going to pay $30 + just to get it so I created my own using a simple polish and a Sandy glitter. 

For my first attempt I polished my nail and then taking a clear polish and the glitter I mixed it together and applied it onto my nail then I applied another coat of polish. 

This was the result. It definitely was textured. 

For my second attempt I polished my nail and while it was still wet I sprinkled the glitter all over the nail, then  applied another coat of polish. 

This attempt failed. It may look textured but the when passing your finger over it, it was smooth.  

All in all I don't think it came out too bad since it was textured and I didn't have to use a ton of money to achieve this look. 

My actual mani was going to be one where you used water and placed a drop of polish and then sprayed it with hairspray. However this was a fail so I opted for this technique. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

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