Saturday, 31 August 2013

Swatch Me - Holo Chrome

I've had this beauty for a while and no matter how much I wear it I always forget to snap some pictures of its beauty. Finally I remembered so here are some swatches of Kleancolor "Holo Chrome".

It's the accent colour which I paired with this no name blue from Princessa. 

As you can see it's like the other holo polishes which have a multitude of holo glitters but I just love the dark blue color that it gives off together with the glitters. 

As usual with most any Kleancolor polishes it is pretty thick but that ok . This is actually 2 coats and it did take some time to dry since I did not want to spoil its beauty by adding a top coat. 

What do you think of this color? Would you wear it? Do you own it? 

Leave me a comment and let me know.



Thursday, 29 August 2013

Trendy Thursday - Independence Day

Hi hi blogging peeps.

The Country of Trinidad and Tobago is celebrating Independence Day on August 31st. This marks 51 years of Independence. So what better way to celebrate than with a manicure highlighting our national colours. Red, Black and White. 

You may have seen my Independence Day contribution last year here.  

Today's Mani: Independence Day
My Take: National Colours

Well that's my  take on Independence Day since I didn't want to Glam it up too much. 

Also I will be embarking on another challenge with Pajamas n Pearls where will be doing a mani every 3 days. So stay put for that. 

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Trendy Thursday - Blogger

Hi hi 

For today's Trendy Thursday we had to i guess recreate a design from another blogger. Since I was pressed for time I choose to recreate one of Meera's design which was simple and elegant. 

Meera's Design

My design

So what do you think, does it make the cut? I chose to use a different color polish but overall it looks just as good. 

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Swatch Me - Decades of Bond

Hey hey 

I went on a search for this gorgeous polish and could not seem to find it. Thank God for Meera who found it for me. :D
I don't have glitter polishes like this and it seems as though everyone wants this polish since it was sold out. This is from Kleancolor's Matte Glitter Collection - Decades of Bond. It's a mixture of Black and White hexes, micro, bars all sorts of Glitter. 

I layered it over my Mist Blue which is a Matte Blue and being a matte glitter i thought it should look matte but unfortunately it was not matte,  it actually gave the blue a glossy finish which I didn't mind but I would have preferred it to be matte. Nothing that a matte top coat can't fix. 

I used 1 coat and got all this goodness on my nails event though the polish itself isn't all that thick. As with any glitter polish it did take some time to dry, but who cares I LOVE IT!!!!

What do you think of this color? Leave me a comment and let me know. 



Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Trendy Thursday and Swatch - Favourite Colour

Good morning. 
I've been under the weather for the past few days so I really didn't feel like being in front of the computer. But none the less here is my late edition to Trendy Thursday. 

Today's Mani: Favourite Colour
My Take: Blue
Polishes Used: Kleancolor Metallic Matte Blue "Blue Mist"

Unfortunately taking pictures with the flash gave it a shiny finish. 

I had to take off the flash to take the picture in order for you to see how matte this polish is. I was impressed and sad because I only picked up 1 matte polish beside the glitter mattes.

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Swatch ME - Bold/Classic

Hey hey hey  

Kleancolor recently came out with their matte, duochrome and 3D texture polishes. Even though it took me a while to get them I finally did. Featured today is a 3D Duochrome in Bold/Classic. 
I'm not sure how to describe this colour since it appears to look one colour in the bottle and another colour on your nails. 
It took me 3 coats before it was finally opaque to a point. 

If you look closely you can see it has multi colour flecks but as far as duochrome i'm not sure I saw it anywhere except between the actual colour and the colourful flecks.  

Can you see it? If you do please let me know. 

My take: It went on like most Kleancolor polishes, smooth. It was a thinner consistency from the others. I'm not very fond of the colour but it might grow on me. Drying time was fast. 



Friday, 16 August 2013

Vacation Nails

Hi everyone 

I went on a mini vacation with Hubby and a couple of friends. This trip has been so long in the planning and we were all excited to go since it's been a while since we've gone anywhere together. So on Friday August 2nd we headed to Tobago the other half of our twin Republic. 

I know that my nails might be further damaged so I opted to do a simple manicure to last me the weekend. This is what I came up with. 

My first attempt at drawing coconut trees. Sad to say the mani came off the next day due to the base coat that I used which was really a top coat as well as constantly being in the water. 

I'll do another post with some of the gorgeous pictures of the views that can be seen right throughout Tobago.



Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wonderful World Nail Polish Haul

Hi lovelies 

I finally reached Wonderful World after maybe a month or more. All I got was nail polishes mainly because I really didn't want anything else, but the raved about Kleancolor Glitter Matte Polishes. 

To see which polishes I got head over to my Youtube Channel here and see if you own any of their new polishes. 



Random Nail Art

Good morning lovelies

I love how the colours black, grey and white look together especially in a gradient, however my nails are serious nubs and a gradient would look a little to weird on it for me so I just did a simple nail art to show you all. 

What do think of my simple nail art. 

Let me know. 



Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Small Pennywise Haul

I went shopping finally!!!!!!
I really didn't need anything but Pennywise is a place you can't just go in and buy 1 thing, you start to stray. (Which is what I did) 

If you would like to see the few goodies I got at Pennywise go check out my Youtube Channel here
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Monday, 12 August 2013

Trendy Thursday - Eid

Happy Eid

I know it's late but what the hey. 

Today's Mani: Eid Inspired
My Take: Moon and Star

My nails are hideous right now since I haven't been getting time to take care of them, also these pictures are before clean up . 

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Trendy Thursday - Emancipation Day

Hey guys and gals 

My Trendy Thursday for August 1st is finally going up. I had a mini vacation that weekend do I didn't have time to do it and I'm still recuperating. 

Today's Mani: Emancipation Day
My Take: Broken Chains
Polishes Used: Kleancolor 3D duochrome "Bold/Classic"

Emancipation to me means Freedom.

I could not find my silver chains but I think this was a bad move since the chains blended in with the polish. 

Now head over to Meera at Pajamas n Pearls and see her Trendy Thursday post.



Monday, 5 August 2013

Swatch Me - Rush Polish

Good morning

Here's a polish I found while shopping. The brand is RUSH but there was no name to say what it's called so I'm giving it my own name "Mermaids Tail". :)

It's a really pretty green/ teal/aquamarine much like the colour you would see a mermaid's tail portrayed as, hence the name. 

There's not much more to say about this polish except that it dries really fast. 



Saturday, 3 August 2013

Swatch Me - Greige Gardens

Hi everybody

By the time you get this post I'll be lounging on a beach in Tobago or maybe taking in the scenes. 
But i'm still sharing this gorgeous polish with you. Sally Hansen's Salon manicure in Greige Gardens. 

A creamy grey/purple and so beautiful. I'm not going to make this a long post but I must say that I am totally in love with the brush. (Oh darn I forgot to get a picture of it). But the brush is so wide it's like half of my nail so it takes less brush strokes to get it completed. 

Ok that's it for this post so until next time. KEEP SAFE