Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Swatch Me - Everyday is my Birthday

Wow it's September already.

Kleancolour came out with matte glitter polishes and I just had to get them. This polish is Everyday is my Birthday. It's a clear base with Gold and White matte glitters.

I had actually thought that the polish itself would be matte only to realize from Meera that it was actually the Glitters that were matte and not the actual polish which does have a glossy finish. 

My onkly con to this polish is that it not thick so it's hard to get the polish onto the brush, also when it's dry you see do many bubbles in the polish. you may be able to see it int he above picture. 

Otherwise I just adore it. I love the concept of matte glitters. 
What do you think about this polish, what are your views? 



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